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Solutions to balance your life.

The idea for UpRight Footwear was first set into motion at a bio-physics seminar in 2010. After learning about the critical nature of balanced posture, and it’s effects on health coupled with the frustration of having to modify my own footwear, I realized there was a huge need to address anatomic leg length inequality (LLI). I couldn’t be alone, I was sure I wasn’t alone in this. It turns out millions of people all over the world have knee or hip replacements resulting in short legs, or are born with a shorter limb or are victims of unfortunate accidents.

After discovering this great need, I set out on a personal mission to solve the footwear problem for people with leg length inequality/discrepancy. I decided to view this problem in a user friendly way versus a cold clinical medical way. I was tired of ugly orthopedic lifts and shoes.

I formed the idea of a company that will tackle first, the concept of a heel lift. It should be light, airy, environmentally friendly, non slip, multiple colors and waterproof of course! Being a 1st generation American, we always made great efforts to be super practical, reusing and recycling long before we knew this practice protected the earth. I want our heel lift to fit seamlessly into every shoe we produce! The heart and soul of our footwear is the lift, so it must be durable and reusable.

After the better lift, I plan to incorporate that lift into an open toed shoe concept. This will be an innovative product that will seamlessly blend with the heel lift creating a summer, hot weather or waterproof option that looks like everyone else’s summer shoes. Where we go from there, is of course, up to you! We’ll ask for your input on more shoe styles!

Thank you for being patient with us! Our prototypes are almost perfect and you know we want only the best for you!

Dr. Huma Pierce

Heel lifts and modified shoes have been worn to address leg length inequalities and it's effects for many years. People wear them to normalize the way that they stand and walk, reduce their chances of degeneration, and reduce likelihood of leg length related pain.
Many factors work against getting the correct amount of lift in your shoe including: accurate radiographic analysis accounting for part-film-distortion, varying durometer compressive measurements of different footwear materials, function and dysfunction of the foot and it's arches, neutral resting posture, variations in gait, and more. Hand the same style of shoes to 2 different cobblers and you are likely to get 2 different results for modification.
UpRight Footwear is working with the many of the best looking, most durable and lightest outsole designs that already exist in a wide variety of shoes across a wide variety of popular brands. We have currently identified over 27 popular outsoles for both men and women that would allow for an invisible solution to leg length inequality, and we are working to identify more.
Through the use of UpRight Footwear Technology, and our standardized exact measurement multiple incriment system, you can buy confidently from any professional cobbler, knowing that you will always get the same measurement of shoe correction for your specific leg length need. In fact, you can add lift to both outsoles in varying amounts so as to give yourself a little extra height without anyone else knowing.
When a cobbler adds height to a shoe, they traditionally slice the outsole and glue in a piece of material, leaving it exposed for everyone to see the addition. Not UpRight Footwear, our custom outsoles come direct from the factory with no cutting involved. The lift occurs inside the shoe where no one will notice.
Traditional heel lifts can weight up to a quarter pound and will affect the way that your foot feels when you walk, and especially when you jog or run. UpRight Footwear recognized this challenge and we have selected lift materials that are as light as possible, while maintaining durability and flexibility so as to allow for optimal foot function and comfortability.
Here is an example of 2 outsoles with UpRight Footwear technology. The leg length inequality solution is built into the inside of the outsole where it can't be seen by others when you are wearing them.
Dr. Huma Pierce, DC, fCBP
Founder UpRight Footwear Inc.
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